Displaying Air Plants

Air plants have become very popular over the past few years due in large part to their ease of care and versatility. I was reminded of this when I saw the many ways my mother was displaying air plants in her condo. As air plants don't require any dirt they can be placed, hung, leaned or propped almost anywhere. My mom has stuck them in baskets, vases, shells, teacups, teapots, ashtrays, wood pieces, shells, urchins, globes, pots, glasses, incense holders and terrariums.Display of air plants You don't even need a container to display them. Bok Tower Gardens in Central Florida displays air plants every year and just hangs them from wires.Bok Tower Air Plants
Air plants don't require dirt because they absorb water and nutrients through trichomes on their leaves. Trichomes are tiny scale like structures on the leaves of air plants that allow them to hold the water. Air plants can even retain tiny droplets of dew and absorb water in humid air. This does not mean they don't need to be watered. Display of Air PlantsIndoor air plants should be watered by misting or soaking at least once a week. The nice thing is you are not always sticking your fingers in dirt to check for moisture and wondering if it is wet enough. Once the air plant's leaves are wet you are done watering.

My favorite way to display air plants is in hanging glass terrariums. Hang four or five of them together and put a votive candle in one or two to make an air plant night light.

How you display your air plants is up to you but the options are endless. You can really exercise your creative side and never get your hands dirty. Just remember that your air plants need three things, bright indirect light, good air circulation and an occasional watering.

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