Our Thirty Day Air Plant Guarantee

We guarantee our air plants for thirty days. If you are not completely happy with the health and vitality of your air plants, you have thirty days to inform us by email at service@airplantshop.com and we will replace your air plants for free including shipping! All air plants are shipped directly from our nursery and are hand picked to ensure you receive healthy plants. We stand behind our air plants 100% and want you to feel secure shopping with us.

All orders come with care instructions to help you keep your air plants happy and healthy. Air plants are hardy and easy to care for but we are here to help you with any issues. If you have questions or concerns about your air plants email us at service@airplantshop.com.

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Our Story - A Family Business

Scott and his sisters Abby and Jody James all agree that the air plants growing in oak trees where they grew up in steamy South Florida were beautiful, but way too much trouble. Abby laughs remembering, “We used to climb high up in the trees in 99 degree heat and 98% humidity tugging away on giant air plants so that mom could use them to decorate for her backyard parties.”

Mom’s decorating ideas later became Scott’s business idea when he realized that the majority of Americans were not familiar with the hundreds of majestic tropical air plant varieties that can easily be grown indoors - even in homes where outdoor climates are much colder.

<Scott & Jody in our St. Augustine shipping room

Scott began the process of acquiring numerous South American and Central American air plant species in his own nursery for mailing to homes everywhere.

Scott's mom uses her knack for design by creating many of the terrarium, wood and cork air plant creations for the shop as well as stylish gift wrapping ideas. She jokes that, “Moms are great at giving their children advice, so you might as well get paid for it.”

Jody enjoys working in the business so much, she wrote a best selling Air Plant Care E-book for Amazon Kindle and also produces our videos for YouTube. Scott's other sister, Abby, handles the technical details of the website.

We also couldn't do this without our family friends Christian, Sheila and Logan

Christian comes to us from the Chicago area and is a fourth year business student at Flagler College in downtown St. Augustine, Florida. He is a long time plant enthusiast and is in charge of the nursery as well as a shipping associate. Christian loves to travel with his girlfriend Anna and has spent summers in Costa Rica and Colombia, becoming fluent in Spanish.

Christian & Anna at Marsh Harbour Airport, Bahamas>

Sheila is a second generation professional photographer and Photoshop expert in charge of the constantly expanding product photos. You can find her on Facebook at Heavenly Flower Photography for all your wedding, engagement, baby and product photography needs.

When Logan returns from his summer job commercial fishing in Alaskan waters, he uses his painting skills on our many handmade products and of course shipping orders.

Where is the Air Plant Shop?

We're located in St. Augustine, Florida on Florida's gorgeous First Coast. St. Augustine, Florida is the Nation's Oldest City, first settled by Spanish Explorer Pedro Menendez de Aviles in 1565. It's also home to AirPlantShop.Com and the James family members involved in the business.

The Air Plant Shop is committed to providing you with the most beautiful, healthy and hardy air plants for home decor, design and gifts.